Sunday, August 16, 2009


We had started this academic year with the overview of all microsoft programs.we had a good response for it from the audience.
5.00 p.m - Krithiga.p ,microsoft student partner handled on student-partner program and ms certifications
5.20 p.m- Annieta,an aspirant of msp handled on s2b and imagine cup program.
5.40 p.m-Ventakata krishnan spoke about the dreamspark contests.
5.50 p.m-Dinesh sunder,chairman of mcc summarised all the programs and gave an intro on autocollage
6.00p.m -feedback was received from audience and their doubts were cleared.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C# - A 3 Day Workshop


This event saw a huge turnover too.. It was open to all students of our college,irrespective of year of study and department.The first 2 days (Jan 19,20)from 4.45 to 6.30 class room sessions were conducted ,and on the last day, a HOL was conducted..
Day 1 : Basic Programming in C#,Visual Studio 08 basics
Day 2 : C# concepts - classes ,objects,inhertiance,static methods,e.t.c..,....
Qyery/Clarification sessions at the end.

Day 3 : Hands-On-Lab.

Feedback was postive and response was great.We hope to continue similar sessions in the future.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OOPS - A preworkshop meet !

Today evening @ 4.45 ,we had a preworkshop meet - exclusive for the first years(who haven't learnt OOPS concepts,yet).This meet was held,so that they can participate in the C # workshop to be held day after.
All the MSPs handled sessions on OOPS for them.The response was tremendous(..both in terms of turnover over 110 participants) and interactivity.
At the end of the 2.15 hour session,we held a query/clarificatioon session.
Gave a MS goody to an enthusiastic participant - Sreevalli ,I ECE.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This fortnight's Newsletter available for download HERE

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tech Atelier-Tier 1 : Module 2 - How to ramp up??

Day 2 of Tier 1 : Jan 21 ,2009
Target : How to Ramp up??

4.45 : Event begins with Ramesh's(MSP,IV IT)Session on Dot Net Architechture

5.55: Gracelyne(MSP,IV CSE) - Photosynth -Live Demo and Videos

6.25 : Feedback Session

6.30 : End of sessions for Day 2

Audience : Mostly second year students and a couple of third years.A crowd of 60 students.Owing to technical difficulties,snap shots couldn't be taken.

Average Feedback Rating : 8.2/10

We gave away few MS pens and keychains as giveaways for the four winners of the pop quiz.

(slides,videos and resource links to be uploaded)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tech Atelier-Tier 1 : Introduction to Microsoft Technologies

Day 1 of Tier 1(A 2day workshop)
Target : Overview about Microsoft technologies
4.45 : Event begins with introduction of the newly selected MSP,Krithiga ,II CSE ,to the audience.
4.50 : Krithiga's session
IE8 - Webslices,Accelerators..
5.10 : Baveeshana,IV IT - Intro to Silverlight
5.25 : Praveeen, II EEE - Windows Vista(features) and moving on to Windows 7
5.45 : Gracelyne,MSP,IV CSE - Live Mesh,Sky Drive,Office Live Workspace
6.00 : Ramesh,MSP,IV IT - Expression Studio
6.25 : Feedback Session
6.30 : End of sessions for Day1

Audience : Mostly second year students and a couple of third years.A crowd of 50+ students.
Owing to technical difficulties,snap shots couldn't be taken.
Feedback Archieve :
Average Rating : 8/10
Uma (II CSE)
Event was very informative,but we couldn't follow the more technical details of
it .

Nageswari (III CSE)
We came to know about many useful technologies...and would like to know more
through hands on experience.

Selvanathan (II EEE)

Too technical..Was quite informative ,anyways.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Newsletter Launch

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many newsletters featuring research and events at Microsoft in particular , as well as about break-throughs in technology.

Catch up on the latest with our club: what we’re doing and where we’re going, plus many other useful facts and stories.

The newsletter will feature highlights from the blog also, give you a sneak preview of upcoming posts and contain snippets you won't see on the blog.
The first issue is available for download HERE
Accolades to
Gokula Krishnan - II CSE
Praveen Kumar -II EEE
for the design and content :)
Open to comments for further improvement.